Thursday, September 20, 2007


On Tuesday we took the train (5.5 hrs.) to Prague and are spending some time here. This city is so beautiful - 8 bridges, a castle, Old Town, Lesser Town, New Town, the Jewish center - so, so much to see!! Yesterday we took a tour including lunch and a boat cruise which introduced us to the history here. Then we walked over Charles Bridge, the oldest and most beautiful bridge you have ever seen. We actually walked over it twice - once in daylight and once at night with all the lights of the city shining on the water. We also attended a classical music concert in an old church. It was so perfect! Ave Maria with trumpet and pipe organ was the most wonderful music I think I've ever heard. I don't have any pictures today (using the free internet in the hotel lobby here!) but I've taken hundreds on my camera (again!) so I'll have lots to share later. Today it's off to the Prague Castle and maybe some shopping. We'll be back in Katowice later tomorrow afternoon. We miss you all! Thanks for staying tuned!


  1. Ave Maria with trumpet and pipe organ was the most wonderful music I think I've ever heard. This puts goose bumps on me just thinking about how beautiful that had to have been in that setting!!!

    You are certainly being blessed BIG time!

  2. Oh Crystal it sounds amazing....your whole trip does in fact!!! I am watching faithfully for your updates! Have fun and stay safe!!

  3. Sigh... I love Prague! I wish we were there with you. It is such a beautiful city. I can't wait to see photos. I am SO glad you have gone on this trip! What wonderful memories you will have (and photos too)!

  4. Prague is top of my list of places to visit! Hopefully next year. The music sounds wonderful!

  5. It all sounds wonderful, but the music just must have been spectacular.
    Can't wait to see photos!