Saturday, September 22, 2007

Charles Bridge

One of the dominating features of Prague is the Charles Bridge. Constructed a very long time ago, it's a pedestrian bridge with 12 arches supporting it and 12 sculptures along the way. Let me show you!!

A photographer's delight!

Yeah - it was busy! We walked across the bridge 3 times during the day and once at night and it was filled with people every time. But it didn't matter because there was so much to see and everyone was fascinated so we just strolled along and enjoyed!

I'll tell you about the castle in another post. For now, let's just say it was spectacular and every view of it from the city was compelling!

My facination with European buildings continues!

The view from the very top of the tower! You can see the bridge on the left and Prague Castle in the background. From the vantage points on every side of this tower, you could look out over the whole city - indeed an impressive sight!

City of spires - the opposite view from the castle.

It was a gorgeous time for visiting the city - autumn colors and beautiful sunshine. I'm off to download more pictures :)) I hope it's a gorgeous autumn weekend for you!


  1. Totally facinating.....AGAIN!!!

  2. I'm so glad we went and had such great weather. It's a beautiful city, but so much more spectacular when the sun's shining and the blue sky contrasts the buildings. I hope you have lots of memories and photos of this trip.

  3. LisaO9:20 AM

    WOW, you have amazing pictures to work with when you get home...enjoy your time away

  4. It is such a gorgeous city and that bridge is amazing! I love your photos - you will have lots of memories to scrapbook when you get home now! Good thing you have the year off to do so, hey?!?!
    p.s. I found your CJ today!!!!!! YAY! Well, actually, Jonathan found it!