Monday, September 17, 2007

Around Katowice

Today was a shopping day in Katowice and we started out at the local market. The fridge was pretty empty, even though we stocked it last Thursday. Mel's not used to having a 'family of 6'!

There's a huge Catholic church just down the street and this statue stands in the garden.

Mel's favourite produce stand has wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables. The owner is so patient, always tries to give you the best he has and is so efficient. There's always a lineup at his stall.

Mel buys from this lady, who is just the sweetest person! She has so many choices of fresh produce and is so helpful with everything. I wish we had a little market like this close by. It's the best place and everything is so reasonably priced.

Eggs at the market are sold by weight and always in groups of 10, not a dozen!

I bought these flowers for $1 from an elderly lady who was sitting on the sidewalk with bunches of posies and apples. Bob carried them home while Edward carried some of the vegetables we'd bought.

The weather here was gorgeous today - sunny and +23 C - a true Indian summer day! It was wonderful to be outside. The little yard here at the apartment has just a few flowers still blooming but they are just lovely. Andrej takes very good care of the plants and makes excellent use of every bit of space.

Tonight we went upstairs and had dessert with Mel and Tyler's landlords, Andrej and Maria. They have a new granddaughter, Nathalia, and are definitely proud grandparents. This is Maria with her just before bedtime. Mel and Tyler are so blessed to have this family caring for them and helping them adjust to life in Poland.


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    We are enjoying following your trip through your blog. We'll look forward to further entries. We especially enjoyed learning about the salt mine.
    Audrey and Aime'

  2. Eggs by the 10's! How different.
    Still enjoying my tour.

  3. Such awesome photos! Wish we were there with you - that market sounds wonderful!