Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursdays from School

Combining my photography challenge and news from school this week, here I am in my classroom. I forgot to have the kids take some pictures of me so I had to do it myself! In case you don't know, we moved in to a brand new building in September so everything is new, new, new!!! It's so awesome with all the light and energy efficient features. I teach 17 wonderful grade 3 students and we are all looking forward to summer holidays!! There is still lots of work to be done outside as we don't have a playground or grass. We go across to the highschool grounds for recess now. Not very many people get to work in a brand new school during the course of their career so I consider myself very fortunate!

It's been raining here again today. We have had a very rainy first half of June. If the sun ever comes out, the crops and gardens are going to grow by leaps and bounds. Thank goodness I got the weeds under control in my garden before this or the poor little plants wouldn't have had a chance. Our lawn is starting to look like a hayfield! The pastures are thick and lush this year which is great for our cattle.

On a side note, "Happy Belated Birthday" to my little brother, Brent. He's one year away from the big 5-0. He called me tonight and we had a very long chat - don't get to do that very often. He's a farmer and a pilot who owns an aerial applicating business. I've got alot of memories of escapades that this guy was involved in during his younger days!


  1. You sound like such a wonderful teacher. Having new things is always wonderful.

    Still raining out here too. Some days I wonder if its ever going to stop. Glad to hear that your garden is doing well. That's the one great thing about all this rain - Alberta is looking very lush and beautiful!

  2. We have a brand new school - well, last year it was "brand new". I know what you mean - it is pretty cool. And I know what you mean about no playground or field... We have these big steaks and ropes around the "grass" area - the kids are not allowed on it in hopes that the grass will take and maybe grow this year!! You take the bad with the good! One day it will all be done.

  3. I'm so glad holidays are coming up! It sounds like you've been enjoying the new school! YAY!
    And happy birthday to Uncle Brent!