Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

It's our sweet baby girl's 25th birthday today! Where has the time gone? She is going to be a Mom herself in just a few weeks. Some things to know about her:
- she is a registered nurse, working ICU or emergency but her leave started last week
- she is the one of our kids who lives closest to us now.
- she loves to play in the water - and has since she was born! These days it means she's in a masters swimming class (still) and kayaks or boats whenever she can. And they live on a lake too!
- she's a great cook - but I think all of our girls are!
- entertaining is high on her list of things to do.
- she's a regular Martha Stewart type.
- she is not afraid to try anything new, including house renovations and mogul skiing.
- she's only gained 28 lbs. in her pregnancy.

Happy Birthday, Naomi!! Hope your husband spoiled you today! And I hope the Oilers win the Cup just for you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Naomi!! You may not know me, but I'm your self-proclaimed older adopted sister! :D Heather's photos turned out beautifully and I wish you a happy, safe, SHORT delivery!!

  2. Thanks for sharing those reminders of Naomi. It's great to hear some of those things. I'm a little out of the loop.
    Sorry about the loss last night. We listened here on the radio, and cried when the third goal was scored. Maybe next year. Hugs and kisses.

  3. Happy Birthday Naomi! Good luck on the pregnancy! Love the pictures that Heather took of you on the weekend. You are a stunningly beautiful pregnant woman. Good luck on the delivery!

  4. Happy birthday, beautiful!!!! I hope your day was wonderful! I'm praying for a safe and healthy baby!
    But I'm wondering if the baby will be named Cam or Ward now instead of Peca Pronger?!?! ;)

  5. Happy brirthday Naomi!! Congrats on the upcoming birth (you too Grandma!!)