Friday, June 09, 2006

Challenge Time

Melissa posted this challenge on her blog. IT's fun stuff to know - thanks, girl!

I AM: a grandmother in waiting, a mother to 4, a mother-in-law to 3, a teacher

I WANT: to retire

I HAVE: only 15 days of school until summer vacation

I WISH: I didn't have to get up early

I HATE: vacuuming and housework

I MISS: my sister

I HEAR: a hockey game on TV

I WONDER: if our grandbabies will be born healthy and their moms will be okay

I REGRET: not knowing how to swim

I AM NOT: bilingual

I DANCE: not often enough

I SING: to myself

I CRY: when my kids leave

I AM NOT ALWAYS: good at returning phone calls

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a chronicle of who I am and what my life is like for others to read someday and know me better

I WRITE: long letters and emails

I CONFUSE: my daughters names when they are home at the same time!

I NEED: to get to bed earlier (so my husband tells me!) and more kisses (like before we were married!)

I SHOULD: exercise more

I START: many things at once

I FINISH: my layouts completely before starting the next one

Feel free to post your answers to these starters!


  1. I AM: a wife, sister, daughter, neice, friend and teacher
    I WANT: the rain to stop
    I HAVE: the most amazing friends here in Taiwan
    I WISH: I didn't have to say good-bye to these special people
    I HATE: not being home for get-togethers
    I MISS: my family, blue sky and fresh air
    I HEAR: rain and cars rolling by
    I WONDER: where we will be next year
    I REGRET: not learning a second language
    I AM NOT: afraid to talk about Jesus
    I DANCE: in the living room with my husband
    I SING: to praise God
    I CRY: when I leave home, and when I am stressed
    I AM NOT ALWAYS: loving with my words and actions
    I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: exotic and interesting foods
    I WRITE: a lot of emails and letters home
    I CONFUSE: my hubbie with my behaviour some days
    I NEED: to laugh more and get to bed earlier
    I SHOULD: call my grandparents
    I START: getting cranky when I am hungry
    I FINISH: each day with a kiss from Tyler
    Thanks for sharing, Mom. This was really neat to think about.

  2. So cool to read your list, Mom! I should do this on my blog too!

  3. Crystal I loved reading your list! Some of your answers are truly brilliant! Well done, and now I fell like I know you that much better!!!!