Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Photography Tuesday

I'm taking a new twist on the photography challenge this week. It's a time of reminiscing - and panic! - as the school year winds down for me so my challenge is to take a picture (or a whole bunch) of yourself at work. Get a coworker, client or student to snap it or do it yourself. Capture the place where you spend such a big part of your life. And if you work at home, do the same thing. Record YOU at work!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from this spring!! My niece hosted "The Amazing Race - Edmonton Edition" for our family on the Easter weekend. We had a BLAST!! Our first stop was the Strathcona Farmer's Market where we had to have our team picture taken with the Hutterites. It was an amazing afternoon, racing around the city, taking pictures and racing against the other 4 teams. We didn't win but we did get to every stop, with only one mistake. We truly made memories together that day!!! What a creative and fun-loving family I have.

That's my dad on the left, a family friend in the white shirt, me and then my nephew. See the cute little Hutterite lady in the background? She was grinning from ear to ear!! You should have seen all the market customers staring at us! Email me if you want our full itinerary so you can adapt it for your group, okay?


  1. Great idea for a photo Crystal!!!

  2. That is a great photo challenge... I'll see if I can convince someone to snap a photo.

    Sounds like you have a blast over Easter break - Amazing Race game sounds totally cool.

  3. I was thinking about pictures at work this last week, especially as I say good-bye to this place. It'll certainly be a change to be done teaching in Taipei. I'll have to snap a few more this week with teachers. I'm eager to see some of you in your work environment. You're almost there!

  4. Awesome idea! I really need to do that.
    Still wishing I could have joined you guys for the Amazing Race!