Wednesday, June 28, 2006

School's Out For the Summer!!!!

Okay, I know it's not Thursday and I know I still have 2 days to work but ----- school's done for the kids!

Fieldtrips - check
Desks clean - check
Lockers empty - check
Memory books finished and sent home - check
Shoes collected - check
Report cards done - check
Grade 6 farewell Assembly - check

Still to do:

CUM files
organize my desk area
refile and sort all books
meet with admin
fill out forms, forms and more forms
staff breakfast and barbecue
clean off floor and shelves
take home plants
staff meeting
meet with colleague re next year

Lots to do but the end is in sight!!!

And - it's +32 here today! HOT< HOT< HOT!!!!! Maybe, by posting this class picture taken at Christmastime, I'll feel cooler!! Off to find a popsicle......


  1. Yay!! End of the school year!! Enjoy your time off, Crystal - you deserve it!!

  2. congrats on being done your year!!! sorry to hear about the heat! But you'll very soon be away on your awesome trip!
    Not much longer now!

  3. Cute pic! Good luck getting all that stuff done. But just think - soon you're off for the summer with lots of gardening and reading (and soon some grandbabies) to enjoy.

  4. Oh, I'm glad your done with the kids, and just have the sorting stuff left. It's a relief isn't it? I can finally understanding all those teacher feelings you have. As for the heat, that's just the start. Today was 35 with the humidity, and it's only getting hotter. But, oh to see sunshine again is such a treat. 10 days! until I see you. It's been a whole year. Missing you. Hugs.

  5. Wooooohhhhhooooooo!!!!! Before you know it you'll be in Asia!

  6. Since my mom is a teacher too I know how exciting the end of a school year is!!! Congrats! And enjoy the summer!

  7. Enjoy your summer holidays you so deserve it! Have a great time on your trip.