Friday, December 16, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #50

Listography #50 - The Best Part of the Holidays

1.  God sent Jesus to us.

2.  All of our children (or most of them this year!) coming home with their partners and families.

3.  Christmas Eve candlelight church service.

4.  Sharing gifts.

5.  Baking and eating cookies and special treats.

6.  Beautiful music.

7.  Colored lights on trees and houses.

8.  Decorations and ornaments collected over the years.

9.  Delivering Santa's Anonymous gifts.

10.  Cards and letters from friends and family.

11.  Candles.

12.  Special food.

13.  Special events like concerts and gatherings.

14.  Reading the Christmas story again.

15.  Sewing special projects to give to others.

16.  Watching our grandchildren get excited about Christmas and seeing how they can be involved in every aspect of it.

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