Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's Beginning to Look - -

A Lot Like Christmas!

A winter storm blew through central Alberta on Saturday so I stayed at Heather and Jonathan's, safe and snug.  We had to get some groceries and along the way, a few Christmas items were added to the cart.

Helayna was absolutely thrilled to get her very own little Christmas tree.  She picked the jingle bells to add and they have such a lovely sound.  She rearranged them all evening.  After supper, she presented a little play she made up, "The Two Trees", for our viewing pleasure.  She is so, so excited about Christmas.

It was a good day to acquire Christmas decorating items - 50% off for this beautiful wreath, which looks lovely on the dark green door.

And Silas' favourite was his Advent calendar with it's tiny morsels, all stamped with CARS images.  That morning he ate Sally :)

Heather has an old hutch that was my grandmother's first set of cupboards, about 60 years ago.  She creates the loveliest displays on it.  And Helayna moves her tree all over the place :)

The Christmas decorations came out of the boxes and this little creche found a home on the mantle.

For one of their Advent traditions, Heather wraps all the Christmas books and everyday through December they open one or two.  They love to cuddle with Mommy and read these "new" books.

And outside?  Everything was frosted with a fresh dusting of white snow - which Helayna and Heather kindly swept off my car.  It's December in Alberta!

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  1. It is so much fun when the little ones understand Christmas, isn't it! Missy is that sort of age too. Such excitement. I love the book wrapping idea. I did something like that having a basket of Christmas books, but I love the wrapping. So many great ideas which could be new traditions!

    I am glad you got home safely in the snow. Well, I am assuming you are home and safe.....