Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

In our family, this week in December has a habit of being ultra busy and filled with special events - other than the usual Christmas ones, that is!

Nine years ago Naomi and Jerry were married on December 21st - how in the world can it really be that long ago?!

This year, Darrin and Kelsey just moved into their beautiful new home.  I was so happy to be able to go and help a bit - and stay overnight too!  (And I was so disappointed with myself when I realized that both camera batteries were dead - and the charger was at home.  So I truly lived in the moments and saved up the pictures in my mind.)

There are so many special things to add to the counting this week.  And there are so many, many reasons to offer Him my thanks during this last week of Advent.

#3452 - #3472

- sunlight streaming in the church windows
- listening to little ones tell the story
- special costumes to make the story real for them
- thinking again how very much God loves the little ones
- remembering that I am His child too

- helping our children
- watching as they work and make decisions together
- friends and family who pitch in to help them
- the little special touches that turn a house into a home
- a Dad who brought a special gift to his daughter

- Samuel's voice thanking us for Christmas gifts
- hearing how he is enjoying each item
- finishing sewing projects
- anticipating their reactions
- giving gifts as a way of honouring Him

- lights in the darkness
- Nativity scenes
- candles burning brightly
- Christmas trees
- the birth of our Saviour

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