Saturday, December 03, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Have you heard of Chai Nog Latte'?  I had some from WAVES, an independent coffee shop in Sylvan Lake yesterday and it was delicious!  They had so many interesting beverage choices - I'll be stopping there again.

2.  Today I got to go with Helayna to her school, where she was honoured with a PRO (People Respecting Others) award at an assembly.  One student from each class was chosen,  called to the front and given a certificate.  There were more than 500 kids in the gym so the clapping for each student was pretty loud.  Afterwards Helayna asked why everyone was clapping so loudly for her - it was so sweet!  When the kindergarten kids are all at school, the population is over 700 - now that's a lot of kindergarten to grade 4 kids!

Before the awards were given out, some of the student leadership kids shared an update about fundraising efforts for a "Me to We" project the school is doing.  They have a goal of building a new school in Kenya and need to raise $8500.  Today they went from $1000 to $3000, after doing 3 fundraising events this month.  Pretty amazing!

3.  I emptied the last box of tomatoes today and they are being cooked as stewed tomatoes.  I'm going to have a hard time buying fresh tomatoes in the store now!

4.  There are still 2 pumpkins and a few squash waiting to be cut and cooked up.  The goodness from our garden just goes on and on!

5.  I've put out the Christmas nativity scene, hung my Christmas quilt on the wall and decorated with a few other things.  Only 22 days until Christmas - that's less than 3 weeks :)


  1. I have a pumpkin and half a giant squash still too. I made a huge pot of butternut soup yesterday and that should last a week or so! perfect. Right now, the slow cooker is on with pork shoulder steaks and butternut cooking and the house smells wonderful. Well done, Helayna! She is showing such maturity! And no, I have never heard of that latte. I will keep my eyes open as we potter about!

  2. Aw, Helayna that's awesome! What a pleasure to watch and be there as she got her award. I'm sure she loved having you there. Sounds like a great school project and opportunity for the kids to see beyond their school and lives.
    I've been having a hard time buying produce at the store lately, too. While the fresh ones will have to be bought, I'm so glad I stored as much as I could to use through the winter.

  3. i love the lists you have posted here and there on your blog. you certainly are prolific! oh, starbucks and lattes. it really seems a dangerous habit, doesn't it? thank you for visiting my blog.