Friday, October 20, 2006

This Week at School

4 weeks will get us to report cards - yikes!! Where has the time gone? Needless to say, we are ploughing forward and tackling massive amounts of work. I get a headache when I think of all the marking and writing I have to do to get those report cards ready! I'm going home to lie down!!

Not happening this weekend though! We have a church supper tonight (yummy sauerkraut and ribs plus pies to look forward to!), Bob's nephew's wedding tomorrow, and Meadow's baptism on Sunday. All of them will be wonderful gatherings and good photo ops. But it will be busy, busy, busy!

Hopefully I'll be back tonight to share a few pictures of Meadow - I took them yesterday while I was babysitting. Yeah - babysitting a little miss who willingly took a bottle 6 weeks ago and now is very unsure about that whole way of eating. Let's just say, she had to work up a little appetite! Gramma had a great time playing and cuddling - ah, life is good!


  1. The time is flying by at school, but isn't that what always happens. Yah, and the marking and recording is probably one of the downers of the job, but seeing the kids progress is worth it. You have a busy weekend, but hopefully one filled with sweet moments and reminders of God's love and beauty. Hope we can talk soon. Hugs

  2. Good luck with report cards! That is the one part of their job that all my teacher friends agree is the most difficult (or time-consuming!)