Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meadow for Melinda

When I talked to Melinda and Tyler on the weekend, they said they were missing seeing pictures of Meadow. So these were taken at Thanksgiving and they are just for you two in Poland! Jonathan took the first one - what a great profile shot - thanks!

Naomi and Kelsey hanging out with Meadow in this one. Kelsey and Darrin bought her the cutest little brown bear costume to use for Halloween. Oh, my, she is simply adorable! Kelsey emailed me a picture, which I'll try to load later this week.

Heather practised holding a baby while Meadow rested her little arm on top of Heather's baby belly. It was so cute!!

And I have to direct you to this site:

so you can see an amazing project that Lisa is sponsoring to support the Amish families in their terrible loss last week. If you are a scrapbooker or card maker, I'm challenging you to go over there and check out what you can do to share peace with another community. I'm all over this one and I continue to be amazed at the wonderful ways that the scrapbooking community supports and encourages people all over the world.

It snowed here last night - enough to cover the ground pretty good - but it all melted today. Thank goodness!! I'm totally not ready for winter!


  1. I love that first photo of Meadow!!! You have to email me a copy!
    Meadow looks so serious in the photo with me! LOL! Too funny!
    I didn't get a photo of the costume Kelsey and Darrin bought her but it was SO adorable! She'll look so cute when she comes trick or treating to your house this year!!!

  2. OH my gosh look how big your granddaughter is getting!! Sooo cute! And Heather looks amazing too! Will go and visit Lisa's blog next, I think it sounds like a great idea!! thank you for sharing the link!

  3. Beautiful Meadow! I love her expressions! I checked out Lisa's blog (the website is actually, i think...) and will try to get some cards off to her soon! Your heart is so full of giving, Crystal, it amazes and inspires me!

  4. what wonderful photos! Meadow is getting sooo big. Heather looks wonderful as always - can't wait for her turn I'm sure!

  5. Yah! Mom these pictures are so great. Thank-you for posting them. Meadow is adorable and growing so fast. I can't wait to come home at Christmas and see her and the new babe. I'm so glad we have blogs to share with each other. Love & miss you.