Saturday, October 07, 2006

A New Helper in my Kitchen!

AFter nearly a year with no working dishwasher, this sleek new baby has come into my kitchen! I've only washed 2 loads with it but I love it already!! It's made by LG (Life's Good Co. from Korea), has a tall tub, great placement of shelves and dividers and 3 different levels of washing, where the pressure of the water is actually adjusted, not just the length of wash. It's going to get a workout today as our family is having Thanksgiving Dinner in just a few hours. The turkey is roasting, pumpkin pies are cooling, cabbage rolls and perogies are in the oven, sweet potatoes waiting to be rewarmed. I better peel some potatoes and turnips and set the table.

Heather and Jonathan and Darrin and Kelsey will soon be here from Calgary. Naomi, Jerry and Meadow will come over and Bob will be back from delivering a load of cattle to the auction in Ponoka. Later after dinner, we'll call Tyler and Melinda in Poland. But most of all we give thanks that we all enjoy good health, have loved ones to share with, and are blessed with an abundance far more than we could ever need. May you truly live Thanksgiving this weekend and every day!

And to make you smile, here are Meadow and her great-grandma, Bob's mom, at the 80th birthday party. I love this moment that Naomi captured!


  1. Oh, look at that baby! I can almost feel the hot, clean dishes now! So glad that you have something to simplify your workload (and free up more scrapping time!)

    Meadow is getting so big!! What a precious memory that photo will be!

  2. First off congrats on the new dishwasher.

    Meadow is so sweet and really love that photo of her with great-grandma.

    Love your comments about your family and thanksgiving-very touching.

  3. Totally cool dishwasher!! LG makes awesome products!! Have a wonderful day with your family!!

  4. Congraqs on your new dishwasher... can't believe you lasted a year without one!! Good timing with Thanksgiving dinner!
    What a sweet picture ... she's so sweet!
    happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Have a great time with your family today! Love the new dishwasher too!

  6. Woohoo!!!! It's about time! So glad you finally have a working dishwasher!
    I LOVE that photo of Meadow and Grandma - so sweet!
    We're so glad we got to celebrate with you this weekend!

  7. What a wonderful picture of Meadow and her great-grandmother. Lucky girl!

    Congrats on the dishwasher!

  8. Alright! You finally got a dishwasher. We are thrilled, and hope it worked well this weekend. I love the picture of those two precious girls. We are so blessed as a family, near and far. We love & miss you lots.