Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photography Tuesday

In her online newsletter this week, Ali Edwards (a life artist scrapbooker) asked readers to consider these questions:

1. What is your personal photo-taking process?
- never leave home or go anywhere without the camera
- everything is a photo op waiting to happen
- you can never take too many pictures
- no matter how many pictures you take, you'll always wish you'd taken more when you go to print them
- the true value of a photo is the memories and stories shared everytime you look at it or share it with someone
- someday "they" will be glad you took these pictures

2. What are your strengths in regards to taking photos?
- good eye for seeing extra stuff that will interfere with the photo (eg. empty winebottles on the table, gaps in lineups, people looking less than their best) and eliminating it
- can find natural frames when taking photos
- can take cool closeups of details
- take lots of pictures

3. What do you want to change about your process?
- read lighting situations better and learn to use natural reflectors
- learn to use more of the manual settings on the Canon Digital Rebel
- master Photoshop techniques
-be more willing to ask people to use unusual props or angles
- add to our collection of lenses

4. Which photos are your favorites? Why?
- all of my pictures of Meadow, our granddaughter, because she's changing so much every day and I want her to have tons of photos to look back on someday, unlike our own children :(
- wedding pictures that I've taken of our daughters because they were so beautiful and so in love on their wedding days
- closeups of everyday things because I love seeing the little details
- summer flowers because they are a symbol of nature and beauty

Soooo - what about you? Tell me your thoughts about these questions today!
And to make it more interesting (and to borrow an idea from Heather's blog -thanks, sweetie!), I'll send a little treat to one of the people who post their thoughts in my comments section. Thanks for playing!!


  1. These are great answers, Crystal! I'll have to think about MY answers to these questions!

  2. What great ideas Crystal! You have really made me think. The easiest question to answer is what my favourite photos are. I LOVE taking photos of Chris and the kids. I also adore my nieces and cannot get enough pictures of any of them!

  3. You sound like a teacher reflecting on things. :) Your answers were really good, and honest, like taking lots of photos. To be honest, by personal photo-taking process is relying on Tyler. He really has a great eye for capturing moments, unique scenes and breath-taking beauty. I guess this is also an area I need to change and work on. Keep taking pictures of Meadow. I want to see everyone when I come home.

  4. Great post Crystal! My fave photos are of my girls of course, but landscape is probably right up there. I love the beauty of nature. I have just started looking a different perspectives for photos. I really need to work more on lighting, etc and hoping to take a course next week on it!

  5. My easiest one to answer too is what are my favorite. I love love love to take portriats (but I can't spell it....) Love to take pictures of people i love.
    My hope is that the more I take, the better i get.

  6. esther9:29 AM

    It's October 31st and this is the first time in over a month that I've had time to do personal stuff on the computer. I had a lot of reading to do on your blog! I like this "photography tuesday" questions. Personally, i love taking pictures of people. And i find it more fun to capture them when they aren't aware of it. I'd love to have a super powerful telephoto lenses so that i could zoom in across a big room. i'd also love a digital camera like yours. then i need the laptop, lessons, etc....