Friday, December 21, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #50

Listography #50 - Favourite Christmas Ornaments

1.  Creche from Peru

2.  Porcelain Nativity

3.  Holy Family that my Mom and Dad brought from Philadelphia when I was 16

4.  Gramma snowman from grandchildren

5.  Pewter Chickadees from our good friends in Nova Scotia

6.  Set of red glass balls from Darrin and Kelsey

7.  Cloissone' hearts from China

8.  Metal star from 10000 Villages

9.   China bell from Krakow, Poland

10.  Wooden family from my Mom

11.  Stained glass angel from Shelley, Mel's friend

12.  White porcelain angel from Poland


  1. You have such a beautiful collection of Christmas ornaments. I'm impressed you can remember who/where they are from. And I didn't know that Holy Family ornament was from when you were 16! Very cool. I bought the kids ornaments this year - hoping to pass on the tradition you did for us when we were little. :)

  2. You have so many beautiful ornaments, so many memories from each one. I love that you kept them and remember their significance. I can remember you picking them out of the shoeboxes each Christmas, placing them in a specific place on the tree, right near the top. I miss decorating the tree with you. I remember loving that part of our Christmas preparation.