Monday, December 03, 2012

House Tour

Here are some wonderful examples of Christmas decorating that I saw yesterday on a house tour in our local community.  There were 6 stops and each was so unique and very beautiful.  It was an awesome way to spend the first Saturday in December - and to be completely inspired!  My home will continue to be decorated with the items I love best but it was a great treat to see these homes, which were all worthy of magazine publication!

#1 - Ponderosa Poinsettia House


main floor tree

the bathroom with a filled tub of presents

#2 - Icy Beauty of Winter


dining room table

Mr. Snowman in the bathtub

#3 - United Church - which had a lovely collection of creches (Nativity scenes).  There were wooden ones, a knitted one, a stained glass set, several ceramic ones, a carved wooden one from Germany and a lovely quilted wall hanging.  (I didn't get any pictures here.)

#4 - Bringing the Outdoors In (I think this was my favourite)

an owl sitting on the bathroom chandelier

12 ft. tree in the master bedroom

opposite the tree

the dining room table

#5 - Victorian Christmas


looking onto the main floor from the stairs

woodland bedroom
(of course the orange in the duvet and pillows grabbed me!)

white and pink little girls room

The last home had themed decor and I have so many pictures that I'm going to save it for tomorrow.  I hope you've been a little inspired.  I'm so grateful that the homeowners welcomed us into their beautiful spaces!

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