Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4947 - #4787

- a yearly reminder in Advent of His coming again
- time to sew
- supper ready at 6 p.m.
- sleeping in
- quilted wall hangings

- creating with my niece
- seeing friends rally around her
- Christmas music
- sharing Sunday lunch with new friends
- cookies baked by a friend

- candles burning bright in the night
- cold, cold weather - but no snakes
- cooking lunch in a rush - having something to cook
- serving and loving outside of my comfortable box
- seeing another's perspective

- pear cheddar pie
- ordering books and games online
- sweet Christmas oranges
- morning sunrise, pink and gold, framed by the car window
- 3 p.m. golden light shining in the window as school dismisses

- Christmas teas
- finding just the perfect thing
- snowflakes falling
- inspiration
- life stories about passion, hope, miracles and service

- 1000 people laughing together
- hearing the words "thank you for producing food for us"
- a mail system that delivers boxes
- family photos
- God's protection while driving as the moose turned away from my lane

- babysitting Peyton
- marvelling at her little hands and feet
- giving her a bath and inhaling her beautiful smell afterwards
- late night chats
- surprising Helayna at school

- laughing with friends
- that I am supported by incredible women
- knowing that God holds us close even on incredibly painful days
- sure and certain trust that He calls us home
- the hymns of Christmas and their messages

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