Monday, December 10, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4902 - #4947

- finding pictures from our South American trip, printed and in an album
- wrapping gifts
- ordering online
- pumpkin hummus
- December Daily scrapbooking project

- cuddling little ones
- happy mail
- banana bread
- school assemblies
- text messaging

- playdough
- afternoon naps
- leaving supper set out
- red Christmas fabrics, red poinsettias, red candles
- sharing snacks and laughter

- Bible study discussions
- white twinkling lights, white perogies, white Christmas trees
- visiting with friends while touring lovely homes
- special gifts from faraway places
- hard conversations worked through

- Advent candle, altar candles, sun shining
- hosting coffee after church
- watching movies - and staying awake!
- fresh veggies and dip
- lunch packed for tomorrow

- pinning the binding on a quilting project
- unpacking Christmas decorations
- boxes of nuts and fruit
- fresh, soft, melt-in-your mouth Mejdool dates
- Christmas programs

- carrot loaf
- great discussions with grade 6's
- 3 gifts silver - bracelet from Eqypt, tea kettle, ornaments
- sleepovers
- reading books in bed

- 3 gifts sweet - poppycock, hot chocolate, eggnog covered almonds
- baking bread and buns
- keeping kitchen counters clean
- warm hats and mitts
- meeting friends for supper

- long, long discussions with friends
- working hard on relationships
- all my sins covered every day
- grace, grace, grace
- celebrating the Saviour's birth again

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, the eggnog covered almonds sound delicious. I know a son-in-law who would find those particularly delightful. ;)
    I love your lists of gratitude, of gifts given, of grace poured out. I haven't been writing down as much these days and need to write again. I need to get my boys involved, so we see the goodness and light and look to it, like a sunflower following the sun.