Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #23

Listography #23 - Favourite Things to Do in My Free Time

1.  Sew

2.  Scrapbook

3.  'Play' with our children and grandchildren

4.  Read

5.  Travel

6.  Hang out with my sister

7.  Make cards

8.  Go camping

9.  Take photographs

10.  Bake

11.  Write letters / send cards

12.  Visit with my friends

13.  Check out blogs

14.  Go for drives and explore the countryside

15.  Look at my scrapbooks and photo albums


  1. this list sounds so very much like you. :) love you!

  2. oh I should have added sewing!! GREAT list!!

  3. I love your lists and I think I would have a lot of the same things on mine. Now if only I had more free time! :o)

  4. These are definitely things I can see and remember you doing in your free time. You're so good and enjoying what you're doing at that time; not worrying about the next thing or what still needs to get done, you just enjoy.