Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Beautiful summer days, weddings celebrations, Sunday worship, plenty of work, and unlimited blessings to go with all of those - that's what filled this week up!  Sometimes when I feel like the day is less than perfect and there are problems and worries, I begin to count and am so, so amazed at how my attitude can be changed.  All of this, and I mean every. single. little. thing., is given by God in His gracious love and I am amazed that He does this for me day after day after day!  And He does the very same for you too, if you just stop and note it.  Blessings indeed!

#2593 - #2647

- early morning light
- green branches waving in the breeze
- yellow flowers of carragana bushes
- fresh basil leaves on a sandwich

- little brown wren flying into the birdhouse
- big bluejay sitting on the fork handle
- greenhouse sheltering plants
- cranberry blossoms

- Farmer's Day pancake breakfast
- a quiet day at home
- ongoing transplanting
- plant fertilizer

- digging out old shoes that still fit
- baking muffins
- fresh fruit for breakfast
- taking breakfast to them

- pizza baked on the barbecue grill
- dressing up
- wedding service
- wrapped wedding gifts

- reminders of our vows and years we've shared
- wedding band, circle of promise
- visiting and reminiscing with friends
- community history book with stories captured

- heartfelt words from bride's father, groom's brothers and others
- dancing together
- amazing food
- hugs

- sharing lunch with our church family
- planning for next year's programs
- afternoon naps
- water to give plants

- days of subbing
- time for shopping
- perfect birthday gifts
- thrift store finds

- book club friends
- books to read
- enthusiasm
- laughter shared

- beautiful yards
- spaces that are filled with living and loving
- phone messages
- tall trees sheltering our space

- sewing projects
- barbecued burgers with melted cheese
- new recipes
- prayers at night

- His incredible goodness to me
- His love, without fail, every single day!

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