Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five on Friday


2.  Because It's Time and You Can Change the World on Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience,  are amazing and you really need to reach them both!  We can make a difference in the lives of others, not just by giving things but by giving love and hope.

3.  Today's Capture Your 365 photo prompt is "photograph purple".  My morning meander around the yard made me happy!  And then I ate breakfast outside before tackling more weeding.

4.  Do you ever agree to do something and then wonder "What in the world was I thinking?!!"  Yeah - that's me with a project I'm working on right now!

5.  Photo of the week:  Glimpse from the past - a very old - and blurry! - photo of our kids taken at Expo 86.  There are so many memories attached to this - I am flooded with emotions!

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