Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#737 - #776

- gifts found in today's work - the joy, laughter and energy of our grandchildren, the great outdoors as we spend more time outside than inside, coming home to greenhouse and garden
- gift at 8 am - Maëlle reading Pinkalicious on the couch
- gift at 12 pm - lunch with Blake and Maëlle while Naomi heads to sleep
- gift at 8 pm - safe at home, chickens fed, plants watered
- gifts blue - blue skies for a little while at the Children's Festival, tattoos for the adventurous, a new dough "Bubber" to press and play and experiment with

- gifts you gave today - advice on essay writing, time to cover classes, Gramma time
- gifts orange - orange Tigger pyjamas, orange juice to go with vitamins, carrots for salad
- gift of generations - time with my Dad and my grandchildren, watching them play together and learn from him
- gifts funny - Great Grampa and Silas reading the newspaper together, tickle fest, fun in the swimming pool
- gifts from today's conversation - talk about the new piano and her improvements, conversation with our daughter, being the pupil while we played school :)

- gifts found in Christ - He creates everything good, with Him all things are possible, He will never leave me nor forsake me
- gift of peace - flowers and trees blooming
- gift of hope - wrapped up in every seed planted
- gift of love - hugs from our grandchildren
- gifts ugly-beautiful - weeds growing - I know the soil is good, black storms clouds - God is powerful, long days in the field - the crop is being planted

- gifts in what I am reading - reminder of what it was for my grandparents to immigrate, the bounty of the garden and work done by women through the ages, reminder what it means to clear the land and put up buildings- from "Under This Unbroken Sky" by Shandi Mitchell
- gifts empty - favourite mug with just the smell of hazelnut latte' left, bottle of last year's apricot syrup, shelves in the fridge cleaned off

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  1. I love that photo of Grampa and Silas. :) Totally makes me smile. Your list is full of peace and joy, so beautiful to read. Love you.