Monday, February 18, 2008

365 Project

February 17

Look who came to visit at our house today! It was a wonderful family day - except that Darrin and Kelsey both got sick overnight and were totally under the weather. And I had thought we could celebrate Darrin's birthday ( a couple of weeks early ) but that didn't really work out. Maybe next year, I guess!

February 16

I was cutting Bob's hair and he was trying to read at the same time. But he had to hold the glasses like this or else the earpieces were in my way. Now I know why Helayna puts the glasses on upside down sometimes! This made me laugh so hard when I was supposed to be concentrating!


  1. Both pictures are great, Crystal! You and the sweet. And that picture of Bob is a great slice of life.

    We had a family day at my mom's yesterday, too. My brother and his wife were there. My mom made a big pot of stew. It was special to be together like that.


  2. Lovely pictures! I especially love the roses in the cheeks of your beautiful granddaughters!

  3. LOVE your photographs!
    I hope Darrin and Kelsey are feeling better soon...that is a bummer.

  4. Dad cracks me up! That photo is hilarious!

    I love the one of you with the girls - it is so sweet! I'm so glad we were there to visit!

  5. Never tried my glasses like that!

  6. That's probably one of the happiest grandma smiles I've seen in a long time. What a great picture!