Friday, February 22, 2008

365 Project at Miami Waterfront

For your viewing pleasure - - -

A little photographic tour of our day. Enjoy!!

Today we had alligator tidbits for an appetizer. They tasted alot like calamari and we've decided to try one new food each day on this trip. We'll let you know how it goes.

Dessert at lunch time was a delicious, light pineapple sorbet which came in this little frozen pineapple shell.

We took a bus to downtown this afternoon and hopped on the free People Mover (a monorail) to get to the harbour. Later we rode it and did the whole loop - about 3 times, got off, walked to the bus stop, waited for 30 minutes and figured out we missed the last bus of the day. So we got back on, rode around back to the harbour, walked to the nearest hotel and caught a cab back home. It was "The Day of the Very Long Walk and Wait" - but we made lots of memories.

Here are a few things we saw today:

I call this 'Avenue of the Palms'. I don't know what the locals call it :))

Waterfront condos

You've heard of 'hole in the wall' places - how about 'hole in the roof'?

I think you would smile every time you came home to these condos!

Four Seasons Hotel Garden

Bayfront Park complete with colorful chairs and white sand.

As dusk approached, we walked along the marina and discussed doing a harbour cruise another time. We'd seen this motorboat cruising the harbour a few times during the day and it was docked in the marina. And - - - it was loading for the sunset cruise so we hopped on and had a very special ending to our day! Bob was pretty apprehensive at first but ended up loving our spontaneous decision (he can be like that sometimes!!).

The front of the 890 horsepower twin hull motorboat. Our ride was fast, surprising smooth and wet as we made sharp turns!

And this is what Miami's downtown looks like from the water. It was a very good day - I'm glad I could share it with you!


  1. Awesome photos!!! I'm so glad you are sharing them with us! Sounds like it was a good but long day! I can't imagine green grass right now!
    Love and miss you!

  2. And I meant to add that I love your idea of trying a new food each day of your trip! You'll have to take photos each time and do a layout about them all! And the pineapple sorbet in the pineapple looks sooooooo yummy!

  3. Looks like a GREAT trip you are having! And i love your new food each day idea too!

  4. What WONDERFUL photographs! Thanks for sharing all the highlights of your trip with us...YAY! xoxo