Tuesday, February 12, 2008

365 Project

February 12

My weekend creative challenge project from Ali Edwards - create a new piece using a punch and repetition. I recycled an old frame, painted it white and voila! A new piece of seasonal wall decor! Go ahead and try making one - I guarantee it will make you smile!!


  1. It looks AWESOME, Mom! So glad you took time to play!

  2. I was just looking at that on Ali's blog! Too funny. I was considering trying one today... Although, I need a frame. I don't have frames around my house - all my pictures are on canvas or are professionally done = don't mess with them!! hee hee But this little project intrigued me... Thanks Crystal. I think I will try!

  3. I want to try one of these too! I LOVED Ali's butterfly one. But I'd need to buy a punch to make any of these. maybe a reason to buy...

  4. That looks great. Where did you hang it? Nothing like a little time to play.

  5. I really love the heart picture, Crystal. I think I may well make one for myself too! Heaven knows I have the paper and the punches. Sigh. Just the time missing at the moment.

  6. This is AWESOME! Love this! xoxo
    Love ya,

  7. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Looking at that does make me smile! So simple and so pretty.

    I saw another version of this on someone else's blog (she also got the idea from Ali Edwards), but she used a circle punch. I just love the simplicity of these!


  8. How very cool!! I will have to see where I can put one. Will have to put my thinking cap on.