Sunday, July 23, 2006

5 Hours, 7 km, 500 m Up ....

We are in Taroko Gorge on the east side of the island of Taiwan for a couple of days. Today we hiked up to Lotus Pond - 7 kilometres with a rise of 500 metres. It took 5 hours and was quite challenging! Jonathan - I think you should be proud of me!!! Tyler found a bamboo stick for me to walk with and I trudged up step after step but I perservered! It was harder coming down because the steps were uneven heights and widths. But it was all worth it because the gorge is breathtakingly beautiful - steep sides, sweeping vistas, jungle vegetation. Bob and I agree that we are getting rather tired of seeing steps - we've done tons of walking and climbing it seems. That's a good thing with all the delicious food we've been having!

We had supper at the Grand Formosa Hotel down the street from the youth hostel that we are staying at. Last night we had dessert too in honour of our son-in-law Tyler's 25th birthday. Desserts from the coffee bar were as much as the supper in the dining room!! But they were too die for - cherry cheesecake, banana caramel tart, mango mousse, black forest cake - you get the picture?! Very unusual desserts for Taiwan but scrumptious. I also had apple fruit tea that had a whole diced green apple in it and came in the cutest glass teapot - it was wonderful. Good thing we hiked so much today!

Tomorrow we are heading back to Taipei so Mel and Tyler can finish packing and pay their bills before flying home to Canada on Tuesday. They are getting excited to be able to speak unlimited English and be understood - and to see family and friends. Sorry I don't have any pictures but I'm in the hotel using their computer so hopefully I'll have some to post tomorrow.

((( HUGS )))


  1. Well, at the mention of all those steps and hiking, I'm not so envious of you anymore! ;)

    Although the photos from that gorge would have been worth the hike, I'm sure!

    Glad you're having so much fun!!

  2. Some walking is good. I bet it was breathtaking.

    Can't wait to see some pictures when you get back.

  3. WTG on the hiking! I'm so proud of you and I know Jonathan will be too!!!! I bet you got some incredible photos though!
    The desserts sound amazing and so does that tea! Enjoy your last few days!

  4. I miss you Crystal! I can't wait to hear all the dets of your trip! Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!!!!! C U Soon!!!!