Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday


Quote of the Week
Laughter is the fireworks of the soul.
~Josh Billings

2.  You. must. read. this!  Kelle Hampton writes about her beautiful daughter, Nella.  So, so precious - make sure you watch the video too.

3.  The weather for most of July and the first 10 days of August was cool, with highs in the mid-20s.  We had periodic showers and things grew slowly and steadily.  This week the temperatures have gone up - and everything is growing like crazy again!  The chickweed is taking over my garden.  So now I have weeding to do, right when everything is ready to pick and preserve.  My days do not have enough hours in them!

4.  I shredded the first big zucchini of the year and made muffins and chocolate cake today.  It. was. delicious!!

5.  Photo of the week:

Fun with Grampa
At the Playgroundgrand

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