Saturday, August 03, 2013

Five on Friday

Quote of the Week
Never squander an opportunity to tell someone you love or appreciate them.
~Kelly Ann Rothaus

2.  I spent this week working at a high school and noticed quite a change from the elementary scene.  Secondary students come, write an exam or two every day and by Wednesday noon most of them were finished.  That means teachers have lots of time for marking, organizing, cleaning and other tasks.  At elementary schools, kids attend to the very last day and teachers are so, so busy with student centred activities - which means that there are lots and lots of jobs to do at the very end of the year (often on their own time!).  [Thought captured from the end of June!}

3.  Doing lots of berry picking and freezing these days!  And there are so many good things ready in our garden.  This morning I gathered up beets, carrots, onions, a big head of lettuce and potatoes.  I need to pick the peas again and I'm sure the beans have more on too.  And there's one little red tomato on one of my plants - can not wait to try it!  Good stuff!

4.  For your weekend reading - and pondering - The 1 Mantra That Everybody, Every Family and Every Kid Needs - recommended by Ann at A Holy Experience.

5.  Photo of the week:

44 Years Ago 
they were all in high school together


  1. I mailed you a package on August 15th. Have you received it?

  2. loved that read of ann's. so inspiring. and glad the reunion went well. :)