Monday, August 05, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#776 - #842

- gifts that made me really smile - playing boats with laundry baskets, taking turns jumping on the trampoline and clapping for the performer, a puzzle building marathon
- gift at 8 a.m. - feeding chickens in morning light
- gift at noon - lunch at home
- gift at 2 p.m. - text saying Kelsey, Peyton and Gramma Hank were coming for a visit - big surprise, bigger gift!
- gifts painted - words on the store window "Life isn't a dress rehearsal - dare yourself", robin egg blue bedroom walls, frames for photos

- gifts full - sacks and pots full of new potatoes, scrapbooks full of photos and stories, fridge full of good food
- gifts smelled - van full of flowers coming home from greenhouse cleanup, lilacs under the bedroom window, onions and herbs sauteing in a pan
- gift unexpected - row of beautiful colorful scarves in J. Crew (no purchase, just enjoyment of the colours)
- gift unwanted - weeds growing but it means plants are growing too
- gift unlikely - library book culling leading to a box of books for summer school

- gifts in His word - "Seek and you will find - Ask and it will be given - Knock and the door will be opened"
- gifts in moving - kids on playgrounds, clouding roaming across the sky, car driving me to work
- gifts in my Dad - his love of children, his attitude of doing it right, his clear mind and great memory
- gifts from Heavenly Father -  beautiful colours in plants growing, the miracle of seeds growing, people to love and cherish
- gifts I became in serving - thankful that I have been blessed in so many ways, aware of needs in so many buried so deep, humbled that I can be His hands and feet

- gift bent - weeds picked out of the garden
- gift beautiful - pansies blooming in pots
- gift loved - memories of my Gramma Hetman
- gifts found in light - moon shining through the night, lantern lighting kale for picking, warmth for chicks
- gifts that are difficult - storms and the possibility of hail, juggling time and finances, doing housework

- gifts found around a table - grandchildren gathered, sunshine salad bowls for supper, craft supplies and markers and glue from project time
- gift found in water - washing little feet at the end of the day's adventures
- gift found in words - conversations as we play queen and tractors farming and hospital
- gift found in white - Naomi's bread pan used as a foot bathtub
- gifts found in someone older - gentle nurturing and caring for others, wisdom about cooking, stories of the past and coming to Canada

- gifts found in fabric - beautiful colours, the joy of creating by cutting and sewing, a new quilt top
- gifts framed by a frame - inspiring words, pictures of our families, photos and memories of our travels
- gifts eaten - fresh cherries, new potatoes from our garden, lettuce & kale & spinach from the garden
- gift small - new baby chicks
- gift big - wide open yard
- gift just right - our home, not too big & not too small
- gifts you gave today - birthday gifts for Blake, Meadow, Naomi & Jerry

Oh, the blessed, beautiful counting of all that He has given to me!

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