Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturdays are such good days for quiet reflection and doing things - like reading in bed, laundry, dishes, baking, dusting - my list could go on. Oh, and catching up on blog news too! Ali Edwards found an online challenge at 2Peas and shared it today. Show your messy desk - and then go create something with some of the stuff that's strewn around on it.

So this is my space and there are several works in progress on it. I started making some birthday cards last night so that's on the top layer - gotta finish one today so I can mail it to Mel! Another project is from nearly 2 years ago and it really, really needs to be finished. That would be a good goal for this weekend - watch to see the finished LO soon. Maybe if I tell you about it, then I won't be able to procrastinate any more!! And just to let you know - everything on my desk is not blue!! I have no idea why this picture is so blue - maybe something to do with the light bouncing off the snowdrifts that are outside the window??! I obviously have a lot to learn about lighting!

Doing some dusting in the living room today and I was thinking about how happy I am to have photos in albums (even though they aren't in scrapbooks) so that we can relive our adventures and enjoy the pictures all over again. These 5 albums have over 1000 pictures of our time in Asia this summer! It started with the 2 beige albums that look very Oriental but by the time I actually printed the pictures and realized I was going to need more albums, these were already sold out at WalMart so I had to switch to others. The tall navy album has all the pictures of China in it.

More things that make me happy in my house!


  1. I don't think your desk looks bad at all. Can't wait to see your LO. It is a great challenge.

  2. 1000 photos of Asia!! I can't wait to see what else you printed. I've been peaking through ours, and still have so many others that still need come. Oh, and I found out today where we can print digital images in Katowice! Yeah! Happy creating. I'm feeling the itch to get something done this week, too.