Sunday, January 21, 2007


In her AEzine Newsletter this week, Ali Edwards asks "What are your scrapbook essentials?" I've been thinking about it and here's my list.

1. Cardstock - solid colors, textured - especially browns, black and cream/white.

2. Ink - Van Dyke brown by Tim Holtz is my favorite - it looks great on anything.

3. Computer - for journalling and titles.

4. Tape runner - by 3L - nothing better!

5. Brads - all colors, usually small or medium sizes.

6. Corner rounder - I've pulled mine out again.

7. Ribbon - it just finishes so many things perfectly.

8. Chipboard, especially covered with patterned paper - love the dimension it gives.

9. Sewing machine - for stitching and adding texture - so easy and so beautiful.

10. Rubons - especially alphabets, swirls, flowers - actually, any and all!!

11. Stamps - I really do love these guys, especially for finishing details on layouts and definitely for cards.

So - what are your essentials? This was such a good question for me to consider. Now to use up some of that stuff in my studio!!


  1. Happy Creating! I'm sure you'll use at least one or two of those essentials on the next layout. It's nice to get back in to the space where you can be creative and just try. Two of my essentials - my mom and my sister. ;)

  2. What an awesome list!! Gee, I am not sure what my essentials are anymore... Time to think about this.

  3. Great list Crystal. I share many of the same essentials as you.

  4. I've been thinking about this. I love your list! Hope you get to play with some of those things soon!