Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Making pyjamas for our grandchildren has become a sewing task that I quite enjoy.  This little green flannel nightgown was easy to sew and fits Helayna perfectly.  

She's grown nearly two inches in the last month though so it doesn't quite touch the floor, as she had requested.   She helped me sew buttons on, just as she had sketched them out to show me the details :)  Time to start another one for the next granddaughter!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Ann's words carved deep into my heart yesterday.

"Forget to give thanks — and Who you forget is God."

Those words cut straight through me yesterday.  Perhaps it was the middle-of-winter doldrums, perhaps it was 4 days of teaching, more likely it was that I let the world plow in and push aside my attention.  When I do that, I cheat God and it's no wonder that He leaves me sitting in the midst of worry and discontent.  

I pick myself up out of the ditch that I've sunk into and find my journal and suddenly my eyes are opened again.  He takes care of me, He desires to place the best things in my days and He is always waiting for me to come back.

"Turn in thanks and everything turns — and God doesn’t turn away."

#3710 - #3750

- Creamy Orange Dressing on salad greens
- phone calls
- visiting on the sidewalk
- a new book (#6 in Clan of the Cave Bear)
- birthday gifts for friends

- diamonds sparkling all across the playground on morning supervision
- big white snowflakes swirling around
- call to sub first thing in the morning
- Ash Wednesday
- sharing the Eucharist

- springform pan holding raspberry cheesecake
- favourite crystal vase from Sweden
- white daisies
- maple cutting board from Charlevoix, Quebec - more than 10 years old
- pushing three swings and hearing them laugh

- mild morning for supervision
- Bible study
- finishing  our study of "Reclaiming the "E" Word"
- snacks
- working together in the kitchen

- leather gloves, soft and supple and nearly worn out
- the thought of new winter boots for next year
- ironing board cover
- dinner cooked by friends
- hearing about God's answers to their prayers

- safe travel
- visiting with our children, in person and via Skype
- toys scattered - it means we were having fun
- little imaginations that build Lego ice cream stores and yellow combines
- dirty dishes - it means we had a delicious supper

- slush spattered on the car - it means we got home safely
- napping while Bob drove home
- new batteries and light bulbs
- playing like a kid again
- reading new stories together

- God's provision of days of work
- amazing development as God nourishes a new life
- thinking long and hard about how He is speaking through His word
- considering how to provide Christian education better
- leaning hard on His promises

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Valentine's Day could not go by without a few special pillowcases.  I just keep loving these little things that I make to share :)

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the other sets - I was in such a hurry to give them away!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Sol

Dear Little Solomon -

It's nearly one week since you were baptized - the day that you were formally received into God's family.  I was so very happy to be invited to the service and celebration.  Your Mommy and Daddy chose to bring you to God's house for this service and to ask all of us to support you as you grow up.  You are so tiny (although alot bigger since we saw you at Christmas!) but you were wide awake through the whole thing.  Your Daddy held you so very proudly as we all watched.   When Pastor Tim poured water over your head you didn't make a sound - you actually smiled as he wiped your head and you faced us again.  It seemed like you understood the beauty of it all.

Your Mommy and Daddy chose Albert and Kim to be your godparents,  the ones that will pay special attention to you and encourage you.  Kim and Mommy have been friends for a long time and they were chosen because they have a special relationship with God our Father too.  They were proud to stand with you and they marvel at you and your growth.  I hope you will grow to know and love them too.

We were at the church where your Mommy was baptized as a toddler and it made me think alot about the day that we held her.  It was her first birthday and she was much bigger than you.  She wore a beautiful white dress and bonnet and we were so happy to see her received into God's family.  We have watched her grow up and have prayed many prayers for her through the years.  God has lead her through many adventures and this year He has given her a special job as your Mommy.  You will be added to our family prayer list now and we will ask God to help you grow strong and wise and close to Him.

Your great-grandparents are so very happy to be able to cuddle you and they marvel as you respond to them.  Grampa Gus will introduce you to the farm and you will quickly know that he keeps an endless supply of candies stashed in the closet.  Gramma 'Frieda sewed you a special monkey quilt and she will continue to sew for you as long as she can.  You are surrounded by a big family and all of their legacies of love and service in this area.  But your Daddy's family is far away on the other side of Canada, in northern Newfoundland.  We know that they thought of you today and that they are praying for you too.  Before you even arrived, your Granny Gertrude prayed that you would grow up to be just like your Daddy - that's a great prayer for a little boy to hear and know about.  I hope that you will be able to visit them often and get to know them and their community too.  I know that they are missing you alot!  Auntie Esther took pictures on Daddy's iPhone so he could send them off right away so they could share in the day.

Pastor Tim preached right to you in his sermon.  His opening comments mentioned that you have a big name to live up to in King Solomon.  These are the things I wrote down in my sermon notes:  Pastor  reminded us that even with all the knowledge we have today, we can't save ourselves.  God asks us to be faithful and then we will know who we are, where we are going and who we are following.  We have been created by God and we are invited to eternal life.  But first God will lead us to places where we can make a difference, if we just follow Him.   God twists our lives and leads us to places we would never go on our own but where we will make a difference.  He welcomes us to eternal life, but first we must face life head-on, exactly where He sends us.  On the cross we will get what we long for - a home with Him.  That is your legacy and your promise as God's child, Sol.

And so little one, we are so happy that you have been baptized as a child of God's!  We pray for your family as you live in God's love and hope that you will follow wherever God leads you.  

Much love,
Great-Auntie Crystal

Special cake pops made by your Auntie Mel

Friday, February 24, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Have you taken this Betty Crocker Cupcake Quiz?  I'm a Toasted Almond Cupcake with Caramel Frosting - representing spirit and adventure.  Go try it and come back to tell me about your flavour!

(photo from Betty

2. If you are a gardener buying seeds this spring, you need to read this post from Kevin about buying seeds from Monsanto, who now controls 40 - 80% of the vegetable seed business.  We need seed diversity and natural seeds, not more genetically modified or altered seeds.  May I suggest The Cottage Gardener, a Canadian heritage seed company, for your seed purchases this spring?

3.   It's been a very full week of company, visiting, teaching and merry-making.  And the weekend is looking to be just as busy.  We are blessed to have so many friends and so much family with whom to enjoy life!

4.  Raspberry cheesecake for a friend's birthday is presently chilling in my fridge.  After licking the beaters, I'm convinced it will be delicious :)

5.  When Maëlle is on the swings, she is so full of laughs and giggles as she gets pushed.  It's the sweetest sound ever - definitely one I want to remember!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #8

Listography #8 - Questions I Wish I Knew the Answer To

1.  Why is Monsanto allowed to genetically modify so many products - and receive government approval for them?

2.  Why is Aspartame still licensed to be used in foods?

3.  Why are we not doing more to protect our water resources?

4.  When will there be a cure for cancers?

5.  Why do people not wear seat belts?

6.  When will there be clean water for every person on the planet?

7.  Why do some men think it is  acceptable to treat girls and women in demeaning, violent ways?

8.  Why do some families have to endure so much suffering?

9.  Why is there so much hatred and injustice in the world?

10.  What is the next amazing thing that God is going to ask me to do?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Amid my busy-ness and my rushing and my worrying and my preoccupation with worldly things, He sends small, sweet glimpses of His everlasting goodness and love for me.  And when I stop to recognize them as His gifts, I am covered over in His love and the knowledge that He has it all in His control and under His plan.  How very big is my God!

#3630 - #3710

- writing my gratitude list
- sometimes thinking long, sometimes knowing right away
- friends sharing stories
- laughter
- hearing other opinions

- crab mousse
- shadow showing two standing side by side
- how close the relationship is
- closing the curtain because the sun is too hot
- text messages flying back and forth

- post office
- envelopes bearing messages of love
- sewing machine fixed for her before she has to return to work
- visits
- giving away pillowcases

- skilled surgeons
- knowledgeable and reassuring nurses
- diversions
- bed being wheeled back into the room
- praise that it all worked out

- extra day of subbing
- finding the answer key
- leaving the stack of poetry tests marked
- laughing with them in class
- helpful education assistants

- visiting at the end of the day
- reading our daughters' thoughts
- more visits :)
- phone calls from the neighbors to check on him
- wrestling - filling in for Grampa

- card games before noon
- potluck dinners
- watching our niece and her husband as parents
- seeing how much he has grown since Christmas
- his big 3 month old smile after the Pastor baptized him

- hearing that she's applied to teach overseas this summer
- a sink full of clean dishes
- Family Day holiday
- embroidery hoops on the wall
- table runner from Greece

- God's healing power
- being covered over in prayer
- hearing again that He has it all planned
- sermon message that all He asks is to be faithful
- joy knowing that there is One who loves me through everything

Hello, Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello week #3 of this project.

Hello memories of Sunday.

Hello newly baptized great-nephew.

Hello Sunday sermon thoughts.

Hello pictures of family all gathered together.

Hello visitors.

Hello card games.

Hello recovering husband - you look mighty fine!

Hello doctor's office.

Hello Family Day holiday.

Hello new ironing board cover.

Hello brilliant sunshine.

Hello Bible study group.

Hello last chapter in our study.

Hello 3 days of subbing.

Hello little girl's nightgown, waiting in pieces.

Hello laundry.

Hello Shrove Tuesday.

Hello Ash Wednesday.

Hello Lent.

The lovely and talented Lisa Leonard has a new Monday morning tradition - Hello, Monday!  It's  a way to greet all that's waiting in a new week and then link up and celebrate with others. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear English 10 Students

Dear English 10 Students,

Today was the second class I've had with you in the last 2 weeks - and I wasn't quite as intimidated this time.  You have grown so tall and so beautiful/handsome since I knew you in third grade.  Your energy level has escalated along with your size!  Your hair is crazier - longer, shorter, spikier, more colorful, more casual - and you are definitely wired with technology. Your iPhones, your laptop computers, your iPods are all an integral part of you.  

You still love to entertain your friends and the audience now is definitely your peers, not any of the adults who might be in the room.  Some of you want to be funnier or louder or grosser than anyone else, no matter what the consequences.   Others of you want to be less noticeable and prefer to blend in around the edges of the room.  You all warily watch for authority, some of you edging close to that invisible line of 'okay or not'.  

You go from a dull roar as you saunter into the classroom to a few minutes of chaos when you realize it's just a sub there.  Then as most of you recognize me and some can recall my name, you settle in and listen as I outline the day's expectations.   Amidst groans, you dig for the novel and some of you even manage to find it!  Things settle down but of course three of you have to go to your lockers and search for your books.  I'm reluctant to let you all leave the room at once - I know how the empty hallways will lure you into diversions.  Then there are two of you with books at home - a convenient excuse to do nothing, you think.  Luckily your very smart regular teacher has spare copies on her desk, just for you.  

It's now 20 minutes in and finally everyone is relatively settled.  Pages turn quietly, jacket clad (I didn't go down that road) shoulders hunch over and you ponder chapters 13 and 14.  Some of you groan that To Kill A Mockingbird is too hard and too boring and too long.  I think to myself that you have no connections to this book and why would you want to read it all on your own?  I wonder if we are killing your love of reading with our curriculum and our questions and our expectations that you can read it by yourselves.  I wonder how you would react if I read to you and we stopped and chatted and discussed and brought our own connections to the story.  But on this day I'm not brave enough to break into your teacher's realm and take this risk.  But I still wonder if perhaps that's what I should have done.  

With ten minutes left, you look up to the clock and silently declare that this class is toast.  It's block 7 on Friday afternoon - and the long weekend is beckoning.  You have plans to make and dates to confirm and outfits to plan and places to go - and there's no holding you in the land of plot and character development.  You slap the book shut, turn to your friends and the crescendo builds as the clock inches forward.  You hardly can hear the bell but its vibrations shoot you right out of your desks and through the door, launched into the weekend.  

I scan the room for your leftovers - wadded up looseleaf, the pieces of a broken pen, a binder left behind - and then I pull the door shut.  You've survived another day in high school - and I feel the same way!  But I also feel like I know you a little better, have a bit stronger connection to your world, am ready to pull the doors into your developing minds open a little further next time.  There is so much I'd like to toss out for your consideration and so many challenges I'd like you to consider.  I hope I will have more chances to be brave with you.  

Have a safe weekend - and don't forget to finish reading to the end of chapter 14!

Mrs. Krueger
(and yes, C - my name is still Mrs. Krueger!)

Book Club

It was my turn to host book club this month and I chose "The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Bauermeister as our reading selection.  I loved this book with it's theme of cooking classes and the wonderful cast of characters.  Just reading each chapter made me hungry and I learned several new things about cooking.

Just as much as I loved the cooking, I also loved the depth of each character that the author developed in her writing.  Each chapter is devoted to one of the beginner students and their stories were poignant indeed. From an elderly woman developing dementia to a young woman still finding her identity to a young man mourning the death of his wife,  there are surprises and twists in the plot.  The sensory descriptions make you feel like you can almost smell and taste the foods cooked at each class.  Bauermeister wrote this book after spending 2 years in Italy with her family and, as one of our members said, the book itself has a slow and relaxed pace reminiscent of Italy and the joy of food shared there.

I asked each reader to bring their essential ingredient to our gathering and we heard great stories and memories as each person shared.  Our ingredients included laughter, cinnamon, salt, maple syrup, time, tomatoes, flour, cheese, seasoning salt and ghee.  It was a diverse list and we only had 1 item shared twice.  I loved getting to know my friends better this way.

I wanted the menu for snacks for my guests to match the book in some small ways and the author's website had some recipes that I was able to use.  We had Abuelita's Hot Chocolate and Carl's White Cake (which tastes even better a day later, I think).  A fondue would have been a great addition too.

I love books about food and this one is definitely a favourite.  I've given away 4 copies of the book - that's how much I liked it!  It's definitely a 5-star read in my opinion!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Here is the recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate that I found at Tasty Kitchen and served at book club this week.  I modified it a bit to fit with Abuelita's recipe.  (A seperate post about the book is in the works.)

2.  I love this quote!

“Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world. ”
Annie Lennox (born 1954);
Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist

3.  I picked up a chai latte' from Starbuck's yesterday and it came in this lovely special cup!  I've got it sitting on the cupboard and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

4.  Subbing in high school is so very, very interesting and challenging - and brings back memories (and questions!) of my own high school years.  I certainly am getting to know the kids better and that is a good thing :)

5.  Garlic Shrimp + Cashew Chicken + Ginger Beef + Steamed Brown Basmati Rice = Yummy Supper, thanks to Mr. Li cooking for us tonight.

Lists of 2012 - #7

Listography #7 - Things I Love

Taking the word 'things' literally - and in no particular order:

1.  Chocolate covered almonds

2.  Brownies

3.  Fresh fruit

4.   My sewing machine

5.  Cameras and photographs

6.  Candles

7.  Fabric

8.  Fresh tomatoes

9.  Flowers

10.  Cards and letters

11.  Books

12.  Chai latte's

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When I was in Fredericton this summer, Melinda had an idea to make a patchwork tablecloth so we collected the fabrics and cut the squares.  Then I went home and the patches sat - and sat - and sat.  When she came to visit in October, she brought everything along, thinking that we might get some sewing done while she was here.  That didn't happen either so she left everything with me.  With her birthday coming in February I knew that I wanted to get the tablecloth sewn so that she could finally use it.

The top which would have been too small so we added the striped borders.

I love the bright colors and the way they that complement the patterns.

The back is lined with this brown and there was just enough stripe left to make 4 matching napkins.  

I think the tablecloth has taken up residence on her table now :)  I had to wait until the box arrived in New Brunswick before I posted my photos or it wouldn't have been a surprise!  This was a really fun project and good practice sewing even seams for me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

"Be still and see that I am God."  Psalm 46:10

"If you will, Lord."  Mark 1: 40

"For in Him we live and move and have our being."  Acts 17:28

"I tell  you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Luke 18:17

These words from the Bible have been resting in my mind and on my heart this week.  And I have been abiding in them, the word that I picked for this year.  It is so amazing to me that God speaks so gently and yet insistently into my life.  He is everywhere and I seek to hear Him and live with Him.

#3630 - #3665

- red candles burning bright
- warm winter parka
- black leather gloves with red trim
- red Valentine shirts
- soft red hoodie

- tiny pottery bowl brought home from Mexico 28 years ago
- little girl nightgown patterns
- rocking Maëlle to sleep
- meeting neighbors
- building towers and garages with Blake

- a small group of faith friends
- groceries
- text messages
- sharing hugs
- full fridge

- beautiful brides
- a groom who adores his new wife
- delicious Indian food
- colorful saris
- experiencing another culture

- living in faith and trust
- Sunday sermons
- red jelly hearts
- Valentines behind the door of the mailbox
- flowers

- daily messages of faith in the inbox
- pictures of our grandchildren
- laughing with friends
- fresh eggs
- Valentine banner

- God's love for me
- Skype
- hearing news from our children 
- medical care
- a challenge to share "God is so good" stories

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello, New Week!

Hello Valentine's Day!

Hello three days of subbing.

Hello lamp shade search.

Hello pink and red.

Hello book club at my house :)

Hello discussion on "The School of Essential Ingredients".

Hello yummy snacks.

Hello middle of the month - already.

Hello Mexican hot chocolate for a crowd.

Hello house cleaning.

Hello hanging hearts!

Hello warmer weather.

Hello church council meeting.

Hello Sol's baptismal day.

Hello family potluck dinner.

Hello photo ops!

The lovely and talented Lisa Leonard has a new Monday morning tradition - Hello, Monday!  It's  a way to greet all that's waiting in a new week and then link up and celebrate with others. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Sunshine

Dear February Sun, 

Thank you for picking today to come out 
and shine again. 
January was really grey and
I'm happy to see that you found your way back.
I hope February is going to be brighter
with you filling the sky.
Thank you for coaxing the thermometer 
up above zero again -
+10 suits me just fine!
I love it when you are so bright 
that I have to put the sun visor down in the car.
I love it when you bounce off the little bits of snow
and make my eyes hurt with the blinding white.
I love how you warm everything you shine on.
And best of all, I love how
you gild the afternoon sky
and bathe everything in your glow.
It's been a great day -
please come and shine again tomorrow.

Thank you for reminding me that
God's love shines into all the greyness.
His grace bounces all over my days,
His love warms all of my actions.
May I give love as He gave of His son
and may I spread Him into every action of my week.

Shine on me, Son of God!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  I made this Cheeseburger Salad, from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site, for supper this week.  It was very good and the surprise ingredient made for an interesting flavour boost.

2.  And I made this Valentine Confetti too!  It's a perfect Valentine treat :)

(photo from Nest of Posies)

3.  I'm busy sewing with hearts these days :)

4.  I love when the fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, all washed and ready to use.  I like opening the door just to look inside.

5.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for children's picture books that feature cats?  I'm on the hunt and would prefer if it was a realistic cat, not a cartoon one.  Thanks for your help!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #6

Listography 2012 - #6 - What I Love Most About Home

1.  It was built by Bob and his dad.

2.  Most of the lumber came from a nearby neighbor's farm and it was cut and planed by Bob and his brother.

3.  The photos hanging on walls and standing on shelves that bring loved ones to mind.

4.  The big open kitchen with lots of cupboards(4 lazy susans and 24 doors) and  and drawers(11).

5.  The fireplace, even though we don't use it too often.  We've got plans to change that!

6.  The bamboo flooring and that Jerry and Darrin worked so hard to do most of it.

7.  That our children all grew up in this house - we moved in on Darrin's first birthday, almost 34 years ago!

8.  That it's such a great place to fill up with family and friends.

9.  The built in book shelves in the living room.

10.  That it has lots of big windows.

11.  The two solar tubes that we added later to bring more light into the dining room.

12.  The great big yard and garden that we have out here in the country.  We love the space and solitude!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Work on my December Daily album is still in progress!  I'm using the daily date templates from Ali Edwards that I printed out and then I made the pocket protector for some extra photos that I took on this day at Helayna's school.  

I still enjoy scrapbooking and telling the stories but that hobby has definitely taken a back seat to sewing lately!  I need more hours in my days and more days in my weeks :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dear Daffodils

Dear Daffodils,

Thank you for being the very first flower harbingers of spring!
I love walking into the grocery store 
to see you standing tall in your buckets of water, 
just waiting to be plucked out and taken home with me.

It seems a little strange to see you here before Valentine's Day
but I will happily buy you whenever you appear -
and then on and on as winter fades and spring officially arrives.
I love how your sheaths are tightly wrapped up
when I pick you out
and then within hours, tiny yellow petals
begin to peek out as you unfold in the warmth of our house.

I love your yellow bells standing tall on their petal stands,
reaching up to drink in life.
You remind me to stand tall 
and unfold my beauty to share with the world.
You remind me that even when days are cold and grey
there is beauty to fill my home and my heart.
May I unfold my life and let it shine 
into the hearts of others
just like you do.


Monday, February 06, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Between Ann's words, the Joy Dare prompts and my Bible reading, I am noticing so many gifts.  Little moments, small treasures placed in just the right place at just the best moment to show me that His grace is mine in great abundance.  What an amazing God!

#3600 - #3630

- stories of my grandparents and their arrivals in Canada
- realizing that they would have been married 83 years on last Monday
- their wedding picture in the oval frame
- playing games with my parents
- a true hockey fan

- sewing pieces together
- broccoli-cauliflower soup
- their excitement at being able to the gym for Healthy Hearts time
- hearing "They know exactly what to do!" - and they did!
- jars of summer goodness

- beautiful smile as I zipped Blake's jacket
- watching little skaters zip around the ice
- sharing delicious beef on a bun for lunch
- goat cheese hiding on the bottom shelf of the fridge
- beautiful new Valentine fabrics

- lunch packed and ready to go
- sunny days
- last butternut squash roasted
- new stamps
- daffodils

- clean counters and clean dishes
- writing 
- hearing my favourite scripture, Isaiah 40
- memories of one year ago, on this day
- being still and resting in Him

2011 day of tobogganing

- hearing that a loved one is feeling better
- that D & K are safely home from vacation
- talking to Melinda on her birthday
- thanking God for His blessings of health, family and provision to her
- that He would give His son for me

Hello, Monday

The lovely and talented Lisa Leonard has a new Monday morning tradition - Hello, Monday!  It's  a way to greet all that's waiting in a new week and then link up and celebrate with others.  I want to focus on what's coming up and look ahead with excitement so here are my thoughts.

Hello subbing in grade six and elementary school.

Hello Teacher's Convention - I remember well the fun we used to have with you.

Hello more beautiful weather.

Hello birthday #32 for Melinda.

Hello evening Bible study time with small group friends

Hello seed catalogues - spring must be coming!

Hello thoughts of hearts and sweet treats.

Hello Valentine decorations.

Hello Valentine sewing.

Hello more healthy eating.

Hello new book for book club.

Hello packages to send off at the post office.

Hello new vehicle registration stickers.

Hello full moon!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dear Rice Cooker

Dear  Rice Cooker,

I don't think I've ever told you quite how much I appreciate what you do for me every week. 
I love that I can take you out,
pour in some water,
shake in salt,
add rice,
put the lid on -
and then forget all about you for the next 45 minutes!
Thank you for making my life easier -
and my rice flakier.

Thank you for not boiling over (most times) -
I think maybe the dash of lemon juice is keeping your boil nice and low.
Thank you for not burning the bottom layer
and for keeping cleanup easy.
Thank you for doing a great job with brown rice
and for letting me experiment with juices and add-ins.
I was a little surprised when you arrived,
wrapped up as a Christmas gift one year
but I must say that I have grown to love you.
I really don't know I'd manage without you now.
Here's to many more happy meals together!

A Happy Cook

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Soaking your feet in hot water that has Avon's Footsoak with Mint and Rosemary dissolved in it is an awesome way to spend an hour! 

2.  I finished day #2 of subbing at a high school today.  I know lots of the kids at this school which helps but it was still quite the day!

3.  Ann posted a link to Valentine Confetti at Nest of Possibilities today - it looks delicious!  I am doing this for sure!!

(photo from Nest of Possibilites)

4.  Maëlle gave me a beautiful kiss today - her mouth wide open on my cheek!  She is growing up and learning to do so many things, like crawling, right now.

5.  I stopped at the quilt shop in Winfield today and found some beautiful Valentine fabric!  She has expanded her inventory and now has a whole wall of fabrics in the longarm room.  She even had the pink and brown colorway of Swiss Chocolate by Amanda Murphy - which I resisted, but just barely!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #5

Listography 2012 - #5 - Classes / Lessons I Would Like to Take

1.  Swimming (for scaredy cats)

2.  Skiing (also for scaredy cats - do you see a theme here?!)

3.  Photoshop Elements

4.  How to use a rolling pin, especially for pastry crusts

5.  Horticulture - a whole list of them

6.  Cooking classes - breads, pasta, Italian, French, Mexican

7.  Quilting - including applique'

8.  Knitting

9.  Photography, especially a field class with a National Geographic photographyer

10.  Creative writing

11.  How to use an iPhone

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dear Midnight Moon

Dear Midnight Moon,

Thank you for shining in all your half crescent glory last night while we were driving home.  
In between the clouds, you managed to reflect off the snow and brightly guide us along our way.
You were right there so we saw the tall white legs of the black moose as he loped onto the shoulder of the highway.
You gave Bob all he needed to see so he could slam on the brakes and screech our little car to a halt
just as the lumbering giant reached the center line -
and then realized that something else was there already.
You showed that antlered giant the way back to the ditch, which he thankfully chose,
and then the fence, that he so easily stepped over, on his way back into the forested darkness.
And you kept on shining as we caught our breaths,
let the adrenaline settle
and carefully continued on our way.

Thank you, Mr. Moon - thank you very much!

The Midnight Travellers

(Inspired by Lindsay's beautiful letters at Bales and Tales)